Francis Claessens

Drs. Francis Claessens, founder of PEERS, The Private Wealth Network, is a Dutch national. In Holland he studied clinical and industrial psychology and worked as a selection psychologist before founding Raadgevend Bureau Claessens, an outplacement firm that grew to become the leading firm in its field in Continental Europe. Francis sold the company to a venture capital firm. 

Francis first experienced the benefits of a peer group when he joined the American Association of Outplacement Consulting Firms. As a member and later a Board member of this Association of owners of Outplacement firms he was able to compare notes on the professional and commercial aspects of owning and managing an outplacement firm and gained a better feel for future developments. As a result he felt he became more sure footed in the management of his company and the overview he gained in the development of the industry was crucial in the timing of the sale.