Dr Francis Claessens - Coordinator, Peers England ans the Netherlands

Francis Claessens

The founder of Peers and Coordinator of meetings in London and the Netherlands is Dr. Francis Claessens, a Dutch national. In Holland he founded Raadgevend Bureau Claessens, an outplacement firm that grew to become the leading firm in its field in Continental Europe. Francis sold the company to a venture capital firm in 1989. 

Francis first experienced the benefits of peer group membership when he was invited to join the Board of the American Association of Outplacement Consulting Firms.

In 1990 Francis founded his first wealth peer group  when he moved to Belgium. The group consisted of Dutch ex-entrepreneurs who had sold their companies and moved to Belgium. The group better equipped members to tackle the challenges of managing their new situation in both personal and business dimensions.  


Frank Gerritzen - Coordinator, Peers Switzerland

Frank Gerritzen
In Lausanne the Coordinator of Peers events is Frank Gerritzen. His parents moved to Switzerland in the 1950's, before his birth. His grandfather was a prominent lawyer in Amsterdam and a Director of several international Dutch companies, among which Heineken. Due to the premature death of his father Frank has been confronted with and put in charge of private wealth management issues at an early stage in his life.

Frank joined Peers in 2008. He understood the potential in pooling people's experience, knowledge and interest, sharing best practices, and ideas. He was immediately enthusiastic about the concept. Since wealth management is very much governed by local factors such as tax issues, laws and regulations Frank kindly offered to coordinate a Peers branch in the French-speaking part of Switzerland.

Frank's day-job is in the Human Resources field where he heads several specialized recruitment firms with his partners.

Frank holds both Dutch and Swiss nationalities, is married and has two adolescent children. He is an avid mountain climber and skier.