There are no joining costs and no membership fees for Peers membership.

Membership is open to high net worth individuals, defined as persons with £10 million or more (see below) or roughly the equivalent in Swiss Francs or other currencies, in invested or investable assets. Assets may include investments, cash, family funds, funds settled in trusts, foundations and other legal structures separate from personal ownership, but related to the member legally, historically or otherwise. It may not include assets like home(s) for personal use or the capital of an owned or substantially owned company.

As the nature of wealth management changes with the size of assets, Peers defines three member groups, categorised by the level of invested and investable funds:

Group 1: £10m-£25m

Group 2: £25m-£50m

Group 3: £50m+

We share the same monthly meetings, but members of group 2 and 3 receive, on occasion, invitations to discuss investments or topics that are more suited to their level of wealth. Wealth management services representatives are not eligible for membership. Peers invites them to become involved as business partners, sponsors or speakers. Please refer to the separate heading “Sponsors, Speakers & Media” for more information. If in doubt please contact us.

Long distance membership:

It is preferred that prospective members have a personal interview prior to being admitted to member meetings. However, if you live too far away from London, Lausanne or Monaco to attend meetings, but would like to have other benefits of membership, long distance membership is available. As a long distance member you will enjoy the same discounts, investment opportunities, membership to other useful groups, etc. For long distance membership please request details.


The monthly meetings are well attended and are a much enjoyed part of the Peers formula. Peers realises that distance, business, vacations and travel make regular attendance difficult for some members. There is no obligatory level of attendance, but development of network benefits is enhanced by reasonably regular attendance by as many members as possible.

First step to membership:

Please call or email one of the coordinators to discuss membership. Click here for contact details.