Wealth management service providers such as banks, law firms, trust firms, asset managers, tax consultants and lifestyle services may become involved with Peers as business partners of our members, speakers, sponsors, and advertisers. We occasionally provide the opportunity to present to this unique potential client group. It is accepted in wealth management circles that it is very hard to get together an audience as desirable as this one: it consists only of buyers and not just any buyers: Peers members are ultra-high net worth individuals and the ultimate decision makers in their respective families. No long decision making processes, no intermediaries, no sales fees. Presenters/sponsors have gathered up to $150 M in Peers member assets.

We receive a lot of interest in presenting to this group so we have developed some criteria and conditions to limit the number of commercial speakers as we only have 8/9 meetings a year and do programme discussions and not for profit speakers, so the slots for commercial speakers are rather limited. Speakers should present quality insights into their areas of expertise. We expect commercial presenters to offer sponsorship and/or attractive terms for Peers members.

The key consideration for acceptance of proposals is the potential benefit for the members. We do not accept sales related fees. We do not provide personal details of members. We do not provide endorsement or recommendation of service providers.

Peers is happy to take press enquiries about the merits of peer groups and the vagaries of wealth management.